Do I look for a website designer? 
how do I find a client?
Does the photographer know what to do? 
Do I need an instagram strategy?
Am I charging enough?

you know you want to edit for photographers....
but where do you even begin?

the Editor's Group mentorship Program was made just for you

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Imagine not having to figure this out on
your own!

This group mentorship program was made for any stage of an editing business. Whether you are just starting out and looking for your first client, or you are looking to build a team of associate editors. 

Through this unique education experience you will set your business goals based on your season of life and work towards those goals over the next three months. I'll help guide you by giving you a personalized action plan to work through each month. We will get together through monthly group calls for you to ask questions and I can assist you with breaking through any roadblocks you may be experiencing.

So if you are feeling stuck, overwhelmed, or just have a ton of questions the Editor's Group Mentorship Program (GMP) is for you. 

What goals will you achieve in 2020

It's time to invest in yourself and in your business. There is no time better than now!

This is for the editors that want to see a change in their business. This is for the editor that wants to make it happen. Buckle in, because its a ride but I promise it will be an amazing ride!

- Aly Hester

Owner, aly hester edits

Me, all in, as your mentor as you walk through the BEGINNING of 2020 in your business (3 Months)

Monthly group coaching calls. There will be one class during the day and one evening Class for you to attend (all calls will be recorded and available to view after) 

Discounted access to online pop up events in the future (like virtual co-working days)

Community of editors who are also working on their business

BONUS! - 50% off edit-source listing fee

The Editor's Group Mentorship Program Includes:

Access to the Image Transferring course

Access to the Import/Export Checklist and Visual Guide Template

ACCESS TO the Import/Export Training Videos for Clients 

ACCESS TO the Client Welcome Magazine Template

ACCESS TO Drafting Your Financial Plan  

Access to the Shuttle Pro Starter Pack Bundle 

The beauty of a mentorship like this is that I am not sending you down the one size fits all funnel of success when it comes to editing.

This is taking a look at your unique situation and seeing what can be improved - How to get you in front of the right people - How to leverage what you have to get you where you
need to go.

My marketing tactics are not mystery secrets where you do nothing and clients magically appear. The thing is, you actually have to do the work too. And that is what I am here to help you with through the Editor's Group Mentorship Program. 

How it Works


Editor's GMP alumni!

Before the group mentorship, I honestly had no idea where to even begin. I knew that I wanted to edit for other photographers, but I did not even know how to do a Smart Preview! I was overwhelmed and scared but eager to learn this new venture! 

My favorite part of the program is the group calls, I LOVED them! We are able to bounce off of each other and I hear questions that I needed to know, but would have never thought to ask. It has been so beneficial to be in a group of people who have different backgrounds and are at different stages in their editing business. 

Since enrolling in the Editor's Group Mentorship Program my business has taken off soaring! I have been able to implement what we have learned from the calls and the program to my business and I have already started seeing the benefits. I am able to be a lot more organized with my business as well as deliver consistent quality to my clients! 

If you are considering if the Editor's GMP is right for you, first, think about it hard. Is this something that you truly want to pursue? Do you really want it but are just lost on the process? If your answers were yes, this is for you. Make sure that you want this and that you are ready to take the action steps and move forward. It is fast-paced and there is a lot of information; however, you can download and implement at your own pace. This is for the editors that want to see a change in their business. This is for the editor that wants to make it happen. Buckle in, because its a ride but I promise it will be an amazing ride!

aly Hester

Owner, aly hester edits

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Little Red Bug Event Planning


Meet Aly!

Every call is done live on ZOOM! You will get to meet everyone face to face. Every month their will be two different call times, one during the day (Pacific Time) and the other during the evening (Pacific Time). You may RSVP to one of the call times that will work best for you! 

When will the calls take place? 

Frequently Asked Questions

NO PROBLEM! I have set up a way for you to ask your questions before the group meeting. That way I'll be able to answer them during the group calls for you to watch on the replay. 

What if I can't make the group meetings?

That's why we have a DIY bundle where you can get access to all the DIY products without the mentorship

what if i don't want the mentorship, but i do want the product bundle.

For this group mentorship continuous email support is not included. However, I do encourage posting any questions during the month in the Editor's GMP Facebook Group as that will be the hub of communication that everyone can benefit from! 

Am I able to email you throughout the month?

After working at a multimillion dollar company as a marketing director, I know what it takes to grow and market a business effectively.

Back in 2017, I started my editing business with 4 clients and 24 weddings on the books and quickly grew to 14 clients and 180 weddings in just 60 days!

Over the past three years, I’ve built a sustainable, joyful photo editing business. Now I’m helping YOU make it happen. I believe that our businesses are a gift and it’s a blessing to work in them everyday.

So let me help you build out the business that works for you. Because it’s not about making six figures. It’s about discovering where your business plans fit into God’s plan.

If you’re a photo editor who needs a little guidance to make their business dreams a reality, I’ve got the marketing resources and education classes for you! 

hey there!

i'm kristen

"Kristen's down-to-earth attitude and knowledgeable approach will help you grow in your business faster than doing the trial and error yourself."

- Misty Matz

Kristen has created a safe place for new photo editors to come and gain knowledge! Her down-to-earth attitude and knowledgeable approach will help you grow in your business faster than doing the trial and error yourself. This type of accountability is such a valuable tool in itself! And...if your a seasoned editor who just needs a boost of accountability to expand your business or gain knowledge to fill in some gaps, she’s your girl!

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