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You’re a photo editor growing your business. You love the entrepreneur life but you need resources to make this dream a full-time reality 

because no matter how many blog posts you read or resources you buy, you never feel like there are enough hours in the day.

you’re totally exhausted, passed out at your keyboard late into the night. 

One of these describes you:

You’re a wedding photographer with a neverending stream of clients asking you when their galleries will be ready.


You know it’s time to take the next step in your business so you can have more family time, less stress, and more purpose. But where do you start?!

I’ve been there, too. And I’m here to help!

Three years ago I left my job as a marketing director at a multimillion dollar company to become a photo editor and never looked back.During that time I built an exclusive system for my business that makes it easier for photo editors to plan out their income, grow their business, and spend less time stressing. Believe me, I know what it’s like to struggle through the ups and downs of growing a photo editing business! 

Now I’m here to share everything I know to help you pursue Christlikeness through photo editing and education. My educational resources and marketing tools aren’t here to sell you 6-figure secrets but rather help you live out your God-given calling, reclaim your time, and enjoy more days of the week with your loved ones.

I believe that owning your own business should give you joy, fulfillment, and focus. Let me show you how!

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A faith-focused photo editor + educator giving you the tools to succeed in your business.

hey girl!

i'm Kristen

"I have gained so much confidence in building my editing business"

"Kristen is such a generous soul. She shares her experiences and insight to the betterment of everyone around her, and I’ve learned so much from her as I started my own journey into private editing. If she wants to share it or teach it, I want to learn it because I’ve already experienced the value of what she brings to the editing community and have gained so much confidence in building my editing business." 

Lauren Ripple

"I am a control letting go of editing my weddings was a huge step"

"I was consumed with edits and getting little sleep, which is a terrible combination! I would stay up until 2am color correcting, just to realize the next day that my edits got more and more green and have to start all over again! I am a control freak in every aspect of my business so letting go of editing my weddings was a huge step, and I wish I had done it sooner! Kristen has made the process so easy and given me back so much time!"

Lauren Kearns

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